Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some pictures of my work.

Want to know more?

Some of The tools I use for this Hobby

 This was acquired and collected, through the years I've been at this hobby and by no means a requirement to start.
 In this picture is a power tool or rotary tool. The brand I use is a Dremel. The Dremel makes short work of tedious tasks like, cutting, sanding and shaping, however considerable finesse in handling is needed for safe use. The various attachments or bits change the purpose of what you would use the Dremel for. This bit of kit can be quite costly, so you may want to purchase one only after you've considered how much you will use or need it.
 Here you see various manual cutting implements. The Brands i use mostly are X-acto and Olfa. Mini pliers and angle cutters are also basic kit.
 If you are not new to the hobby and are just beginning to customize or sculpt your kits/figs. I highly suggest getting used dental tools (I got mine from my wonderful Sister in law dentist). It does not matter what they are actually for, just try and imagine how the tips can be used to shape putty or greenstuff and you cant go wrong.
 Carving/Shaping tools for clay are also useful in this hobby if you are into customizing or fabricating. The yellow boxes are spare blades of various types and most of them are from Olfa. A couple of pin vices and fine drill bits.
 If you are not fond of watching paint dry a generic cheap hairdryer works for speeding up the process.(Another rotary tool is in this pic, this time it's a Black and Decker)
Finally but not to say the least are various brushes. The brands I use are Games Workshop, Windsor and Newton, Rembrandt . I prefer sable hair brushes as these keep their tips longer and provide a good flow to how I use my paints.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Working out the kinks in starting a Blog

A picture of my workspace.

Having no experience in putting up a blog or website. I find myself faced with a daunting task.  To provide content,  both easy on the eyes and Interesting to follow. Please forgive me, as I take my first steps into a very critical and public medium.